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This is where we help you conceptualize the project of your dreams.



We want to get to know potential clients and their goals to serve them best. It's essential to understand the problem; for this reason, the initial visit is specific to the project and the homeowners. 

Come prepared with important questions, as well as an idea of the desired outcome of your project. 

  • What's your desired aesthetic for the home? 

  • What is a successful outcome? 

  • What are your expectations when working with a design team? 

To wrap up the pre-design phase, we will meet on location to photograph and measure the projected design space. Don't worry about clutter or making the home presentable; the goal is to simply address the problem at hand and take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. 

Our work goes hand in hand with that of the general contractor. We have a network of trusted professionals to choose from, or we can partner with a contractor of your choice. Regardless, the goal is to create a cohesive partnership. 

Schematic Design

As this process begins to develop, it's not uncommon for creativity to spark; therefore, we like to keep an open dialogue with our clients and suggest alterations that we see as beneficial to the overall design. 


The schematic design process concludes with a discussion between the clients and the design team. With developed floor plans, conceptual 3D layouts, and a list of basic finishes in hand, we will discuss the pros and cons of each design prepared. We ask that our client provides feedback so we can alter the design as necessary.   Ultimately, the decision falls on the client.

Design Development

The design development is the fun part; think of it like a strategized shopping spree! We'll head to showrooms or refer to catalogs and websites to select products. We'll help you in your selection process of the following materials:

  1. Exterior finishes - roofing, siding, decking and stone

  2. Interior and exterior doors, hardware and windows

  3. Interior trim and stairs

  4. Fixtures - plumbing & electrical

  5. Finishes - ceilings, walls, flooring, tile, paint colors

  6. Furnishings - cabinetry, hardware, countertops, closets

  7. Appliances

  8. Furnishings

We use this time to thoroughly inspect the materials and determine which options are best for your tastes and budget. 


We consult with the contractor regarding product specifications carried in their proposal.  Factors including square footage, product types, and showrooms can all impact a contractor's pricing.  We make every effort to honor and work with showrooms with whom the contractor has established relationships with.

For furnishings, we do not like to push any particular showrooms or products on our clients. Here's why:

  1. Allows an indefinite amount of product resources to help create unique interiors to reflect the client and their home

  2. There is no incentive to sell specific brands or meet any minimum orders to maintain dealership

  3. It leaves the door open for other talented creative partners to help incorporate their craft into the home

  4. Transparency - you can see what the price is going to be with no markups on our end

The final step of the design development process entails merging the schematic designs into one refined product to bring to life. As a team, we will also consider furniture sizes that best compliment the new layout, depending on the project type.  

The design development accounts for roughly 40% of most projects. 

Additional Services

Construction Documents

We keep a close eye on all documentation, including drawings, floor plans, elevations, and contracts are all monitored throughout the process. We refine the documents mentioned above and the 3D models to represent the project's status accurately. 

Construction Administration

Throughout the construction phase, it's essential to monitor the progress of the project consistently. Either weekly or bi-weekly meetings with the contractor on-site allow the team to confirm execution on different aspects of the job or make necessary adjustments. 

Finishing Products

During the course of construction and or renovation, our team can assist clients with furniture, window treatments, art, and more. These items are not fixed to the home, so this is the final step before completion. Like the showroom process, we like to give clients several selections.
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