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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Interior Design and Interior Decoration?

We call ourselves interior designers as we have the knowledge and experience to layout homes, design kitchens, built ins, flooring patterns, and product selections.  We consider decoration to be picking of items not attached to the home such as furniture, area rugs, artwork, window treatments and accessories

When should I hire an Interior Designer?

For new construction or an addition, the best time is early in the design process.  Often times we help support in determining the correct sizing for the spaces based on how many users, what furniture may be going in there and also assist with what rooms should be where and which way to place the furniture to maximize views.

Can I provide my own General Contractor?

One of the great things about choosing to work with us is that you can choose your own general contractor.  We work with a few design build contractors and we also have a few smaller contractors that we like to work with as well.  And if you don’t have one in mind, we can support you with recommendations and or questions to ask them.


What type of projects do you do?

We love working on renovations!  And often times those contain additions.  New construction homes are a lot of fun to as we love to share the vision and be part of this amazing process to create something new.

At this time, for our current clients, we also offer furnishings services so we work together for furniture, window treatments, artwork, accessories, and linens.

What is your fee?

Our design fee is determined once we have met with you, reviews what our scope of services will entail and how we will create an amazing new environment for you and your home. This proposal is an approximate number of hours based on previous projects and the average decision maker. 

Is there a contract?

Yes, we do prepare an agreement that identifies how we will work together, what are we going to support you with and in what ways.  This is where we also provide to with a proposal of fees.  It also identifies legal terms. 

How do I prepare for the initial consultation with my designer?

Think about answers to these questions.  What do you love about the space?  What are your struggles with it?  How do you want the new space to feel?  Are there any ideas that you may have?  Do you use Pinterest, Houzz or have a folder of magazine clippings? 

Can you incorporate my favorite furniture pieces or accessories?

Yes, it is one of our favorite things to do!  What a great way to honor a family member or spark a discussion with a guest in your home.  And more often than not, we will visit an antique or consignment store to add fun pieces. 


During the project, what is expected of me? What will I have to do?

Everyone works in different ways and we honor the client to serve them best.  Sometimes clients are busy or really have no idea about selecting things for their home. We support those clients by preparing 2-3 schemes and providing them samples.  Then they pick and choose what they love.  Other clients have more time in their schedule and love the showroom experience.  We then have a fun few days of selecting products and also enjoy a good lunch in between! This experience is really tailored to you.

Providing feedback and open communication is key in this process.  It is your home, and we want it to reflect you. Most projects we will schedule a weekly or bi-weekly meeting to gain information and decisions.  These can be a phone call, virtual or in person depending on the subject matter. 

And we love what we do and want this to be a fun experience for you.  You are changing a space or building a new one and that is really exciting!


We are here to help; reach out to us any time with questions about your next project, how to get started, and more.

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